Yusufeli 80 km (49mile) far to Artvin. In a stunning mountain location on the banks of the Çoruh river with craggy rocks leering down on all sides, Yusufeli is rather a sad little town that has had its future mortgaged to the needs of the vast Artvin dam project. The result has been to put the brake on development here since it looks unlikely that the popular Çoruh white-water rafting businesses can survive once the valley is flooded.

That said, after many years in which nothing at all happened here except that the little old hotels fell more and more behind the times, the last few years have seen the arrival of some more upmarket places to stay. A quick stroll around town will assure you that Yusufeli itself has no sights to see. It is, however, a good base for visiting several ancient Georgian churches in the surrounding valleys.

Forget any hope of fine dining here although drinking tea with the locals at the Koprubasi and Mahzen tea houses, facing each other across a Coruh suspension bridge, should pass the time nicely.

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