Yeşilova, Burdur a county. Within the boundaries of Lake Salda is famous for. Salda Lake property is one of the world’s deepest and clean lakes. The district is a tourist town with view of the lake. There is also a suitable environment for the tourism tent.

The town and the surrounding region Yeşilova Malazgirt War II, then in 1093 passed into the hands of the Turks. At that time, some of the conflicts with the Byzantines was Turkmens living in this area but Khattab 1190 on the crusader army at the beginning of the German Emperor Frederik Barbarossa has come up here. Crown Prince Frederik of Barbaros Byzantine ornament, and he who benefits from the arrival of the soldiers collected Alaks raped Turkish border, on one hand, on the other hand Dinar today’s front Guzelhisar’a Collated (freight) rolled up to his neck. Osman Sultan sent to Konya and Husain tarfından Alaksi’yi Serdar Bey, the names of two boxed up in both directions. Osman Bey (freight) Gencal throat jammed enemy soldiers, Kiratli, Gokce severe hucumlarla Ceribaşlari named a strong enemy in this region (ROW) has. The place where the most intense battle has been around Kopekbeli. Abdi Osman Bey Bey’s son seriously injured in the battle of Kopekbeli spiritual leaning on the backs of Mount Eseler Lake Salda today’s “Sultanpinari” aka the place referred to by the new therapy has been in the infirmary. Meanwhile, in order to Abdi Bey rewarded themselves with great courage and secaretini Karabet essentially the marriage of the young commander has the dignity of the Sultanate. This is the beginning of spring in the infirmary given the accolade as “SULTAN PINARI” given the name. Thrown into the enemy lines to this area to a great extent “LINES” was called.

1936 in the old Erle Nahiyesi Yesilova seen. Connected to the district and sub-district in 1936 as the YESILOVA ASIKARAAGAC’a YAVUCE usually referred by the name. ERLE is the name of the precinct. Kayadibi township Centre periods of time and at a time Beylerli accident and became the center of the township. After 1967, the village center ROWS selected. Lines are based on 1288 Yearbooks village with a population of 33-digit and 120, respectively. 148 dated 1305 Yearbooks guest house in the township Erle, 18 flour mills, six shops, one han, 1 restaurant, 26 Church, 19, a primary school, 8 lodge, three mausoleums, recorded that 38 fountains and 26 shops.

Lake Salda is a mid-size crater lake in southwestern Turkey, within the boundaries of Yeşilova district depending Burdur Province, and it lies at a distance of about fifty kilometers to the west from the province seat of Burdur.

Salda is often cited as part of the Turkish Lakes Region that corresponds to the lands that extend across inner west- to southern Anatolia, especially in the provinces depending Isparta and Afyonkarahisar, although Lake Salda is geographically separate from the larger lakes which are more to the west and, being a crater lake, is morphologically different.

The lake area covers 4,370 hectares, and its depth reaches 196 meters, making it one of the deeper lakes in Turkey, if not the deepest.

It is a popular excursion spot across the region or from beyond, the more so due to the hydromagnesite mineral found along its coasts which are believed to offer remedies for certain dermatological diseases. The shoreline surrounded by black pine forests are also popular among hunters, the game and the fowl available including quails, hares, foxes, boars and wild ducks, aside from the lake’s fish. White sandy beaches, limpid water and seven crystal-white islets within the lake complete the scenery.

A township that starts almost at the shore to the southwest of the lake carries the same name, Salda. The local administrative seat of Yeşilova is located to the east of the lake at a distance of about four kilometers and Yeşilova municipality manages the lake’s camping facilities.

Its peculiar morphology led a number of academic studies to be conducted on Lake Salda. The unusual alkaline nature of the lake means that is one of the few locations where ancient stromatolite algae still grows.

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