Yenişehir 65 km (40 mile) far to Bursa . Yenisehir was known as Neopolis in the ancient times.  Joining the Ottoman lands during the time of Osman Gazi, the district was given to the veterans, by Osman Gazi, as an estate under the name of ‘sword of rights’.  Formed on a land that was open for development and settlement, the city was named Yenisehir.  It served as a capital of the Ottoman Principality in 1302.  Yenisehir is a district that is constantly developing. The most important source of income in the district is agriculture.  In recent years, several major industrial facilities have been established at the district’s center.  Bursa Airport is within the boundaries of this district.  According to the 2007 data, population of the district is 51,227.

Yenisehir has a rich history of artifacts from the Ottoman era.   Historical and cultural structures such as remains from Saray Hamam which was part of the palace Osman Gazi built, Postinpus Baba Zaviye (Islamic monastery) from Murad I. era, Voydova Mosque (Cinarli Mosque) built in XIV century, Koca Sinan Pasha Complex built in XVI century, Bali Bey Mosque, Ulu Mosque built by Orhan Bey, Suleyman Pasha Complex, Double-Hamam built by the Yenisehir local Deli Huseyin Pasha in 1645, Yarhisar Village, Orhan Mosque, Clock Tower built in 1930 and the Semaki Home Museum are places worth-seeing.  Koca Sinan Pasha Complex:  Built between the years 1573 and 1582 by the Yemen conqueror, Sinan Pasha, what is left of the complex is a mosque, madrasah, public soup-kitchen and some remains of the outer walls of the kitchen cubicles.

Engravings on the single-domed mosque’s alter are the most beautiful examples of the 15th century.  Ulu Mosque:  It was built by Orhan Bey in the 14th century.  Destroyed during the War of Independence, the mosque was restored again. Osmangazi Hamam:  It is in a bad condition but some parts of it are still standing. Suleyman Pasha Tomb: It is an authority/official tomb of Suleyman Pasha, son of Orhan Gazi.  Postinpus Baba Zaviye (Islamic monestary):  It’s the work of the Orhan Gazi era.  Double-Hamam:  Deli Huseyin Pasha built it in 1945.  Semaki House Museum:  Built in the 18th century by the Shemakizades who came from Turkistan; the mansion was turned into a museum with its original furniture and belongings inside.  Yarhisar (Orhan) Mosque and Hamam:  Built by Orhan Gazi, the mosque and the Hamam are the first works of the Ottomans.  Yarhisar was the homeland of Nilufer Hatun who was the wife of Orhan Gazi.  Baba Sultan Mosque:  Built in Babasultan village in the name of Geyikli Baba who had a service and a role in the conquest of Bursa.  The plane tree front of the mosque is a natural monument from that era.

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