Uzunkopru is 66 km (41 mile) far to Edirne . Uzunkopru is a small town and a district of Edirne Province in northwestern Turkey.

It is on the railway line from Istanbul towards Sofia, Belgrade and western Europe, and a frontier post on the Greek border.

The Uzunkopru Bridge meaning “Long Bridge” (Turkish: Uzunkopru) gave its name to the town. The bridge was built between 1426 and 1443 by head architect Muslihiddin on the orders of Ottoman Sultan Murad II. The ancient stone-built bridge, which has 174 arches, is 1,329 m (4,360 ft) long and up to 6.80 m (22.3 ft) wide. Some of the arches are pointed and some are round. Uzunkopru is the longest stone bridge in Turkey.

The bridge was made to cross the Ergene River, which was a natural barrier for advances into the Balkans for the Ottoman Empire; its old name was Ergene Bridge (Ottoman Turkish: Cisr-i Ergene). It is so long in order to cross a low-lying marshy area. The bridge was restored in 1963. The Edirne – Izmir state road still passes over Uzunkopru.

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