Susurluk 47 km (29mile) far to Balikesir. Susurluk is a small town and a district of Balıkesir Province in northwestern Turkey. It is famous for its production soap and dairy products. İstanbul-İzmir road passes through Susurluk. Susurluk is known for its toasted sandwich with tomato paste and its bubbly ayran. The population is 23,995 (as of 2010). The mayor is Tahsin Bozoğlu (CHP).

In 1996 this township was home to a fatal car accident, after which it was found that among the slain and injured were one parliamentary deputy, a known right-wing gang leader, a former beauty queen, and a senior police officer.

The resulting political and social turmoil has come to be known as the Susurluk scandal, and the accident was described as definite proof of the link between politics, organized crime and the bureaucracy, referred to in Turkish as the derin devlet (“deep state”).

Several people, including three ex-special forces members, were convicted of illegal activities and served prison terms.

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