Suluova is 23 km (14 mile) far to Amasya. Located in the central Black Sea region, Suluova is surrounded with Amasya city on the east and south, Merzifon town on the west and Samsun on the north. Suluova is a town and district of Amasya Province of Turkey, located on high ground inland within the central Black Sea region. It covers an area of 516km2, and the population (2010) is 47,510 of which 37,669 live in the town of Suluova, the remainder spread throughout the surrounding countryside. Altitude is 510 m.
Suluova was known in antiquity as Arguma, meaning ‘watery’ and this was later translated into Turkish first as Suluca and later as Suluova, meaning watery plain.Excavations of the hill of Kümbettepe show the history of Suluova goes back to 2000 BC, the stone age. The area was then settled by the Hittites.The Seljuk Turks arrived in the 11th century AD and the area was brought within the Ottoman Empire in 1386.

Suluova has grown into a large town for four reasons; first, the area is a rich source of lignite coal. Second, this is good farmland and in particular Turkey’s largest growers of onions are located here. Third,  the sugar factory and lastly a railway line passes through the town.

See the madrasahs of Kasim Bey, Haci Bey Zade Muhyiddin Efendi and Hakala. They’re all located in the village of Yol Pinar.

Yedikugular Kus Cenneti is a birds sanctuary located around the dam of Yedikir. This 817 hectare area is a great place to see for nature lovers.

Visit Gani Baba Tomb and enjoy the picnic area located around. This holy place is near the Tersakan river located in Saygili village.

Relax in the park of Adnan Menderes and Mostar. They’re oth great parks to enjoy the nature and stress out yourself.

Discover the Gokkusagi Selalesi (Rainbow Waterfall) and enjoy the view.

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