Soke 123 km (76 mile) far to Aydin. The district lies between the Aegean coast and the edge of the fertile alluvial plain of the Buyuk Menderes River. Lake Bafa is to the south of the district. The plain contains much rich agricultural land, one of Turkey’s largest cotton growing areas and also important for wheat and flour. Other income comes from handicrafts, forestry and fishing. Soke is Turkey’s only exporter of culinary snails.

The Aegean region is rich in history and natural beauty, complemented with Mediterranean climate. Soke is a large town right in the centre of the region, the market town at the heart of a wealthy agricultural district, with a dramatic backdrop of mountains. Furthermore, although eclipsed by the nearby centres of tourism on the coast, Kusadasi, Didim and Bodrum, Soke does catch passing trade from the many visitors to the area, including visitors to the nearby historical site of Priene. There are a number of amenities on the highway for tourists passing through from Izmir airport to the coast, these include restaurants, service stations, and outlet stores selling cut-price clothing. The local cuisine includes cop sish (a shish kebab of small pieces of lamb) and pide (a flat bread pizza).

Soke is a town of 62,000 people, and with its shops and high schools, it is the hub of the rural area.

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