Savsat 71 km (44mile) far to Artvin. Savsat should be a rustic beauty but instead it’s full of the usual concrete high-rises. On the other hand it makes a useful base for getting to the Savsat Meseli Karagol national park if you don’t have your own transport. There are taxis here for exploring the surrounding area, and perfectly decent places to eat. All the hotels actually in the town are best given a wide berth.

The town’s one sight, Savsat Kalesi (Savsat Castle), is a little north on the road to Artvin at the junction with the  old road to Velikoy. The ruins are picturesquely perched on top of a rock. Yet to be restored despite a sign threatening such work, the castle still has one impressively intact tower topped off with a wooden roof and substantial stretches of outer wall.

Heading east towards Ardahan the road is extremely picturesque – try to get a seat on the righthand side of the bus so that you can admire the log cabins at the Yakari Kocabey yayla (upland pasture) just before the Camlibel Pass (2470m). Note that this road is sometimes impassaable in winter.

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