Saricakaya is 47 km (29 mile) far to Eskisehir. Saricakaya town of Eskisehir to the west of the Central Anatolia region in the north of the center. Eskisehir city center south Sundiken mountains, north of Bolu is surrounded by mountains and settlements are scattered along the Sakarya River,  Central Anatolia region is seen in human terms we look at a map of the region, our county is located in the Western Black Sea Region.

The altitude (elevation) is 220 meters. The transition area located in different geographical regions of the district around a protected area surrounded by high mountains (valley) is a unique feature is the climate. There are eight villages and one town in the district depends. The Guneykoy, Beyyayla Dagkuplu villages and high altitude, as in other villages and village constitutes the forest. Igdir, Kapikaya, Beykoy, Duzkoy Lachin district of the village and remain in the valley.

In the north of the town of Novi Pazar-Saricakaya Goynuk, Nallihan east, west Mihalgazi, in Southern and Central Districts are Alpu. (Nallihan and is connected by road from the town of Willow.)

Our district extends east to the west, south of Sundiken mountain, located between the mountains north of Bolu, Sakarya bak 450 miles along the River.

a) Location: County of east of Ankara’s Nallihan County to the west, Mihalgazi County, north of Bolu province Goynuk County, North west, Bilecik Province Yenipazar County, South Eskisehir Province is located

b) Climate: Saricakaya town in Central Anatolia wise, although the sea is 220 meters elevation and the northern and southern mountain ranges of up to 1300 meters of the Invention Because of a Different business climate. District, dry summers and warm Winters are Relatively mild climate.

Saricakaya Central Anatolia, Marmara and western Black Sea region of the junction where the Mediterranean climate, although there is of the property. In other words, the summers are hot and dry, are of mild and rainy Winters. Annual average temperature of 15-19 degrees, while the average for the month of July is 36.3 degrees. The lowest temperature in winter was dereceside Determined -5.

The average annual rainfall is 334 mm square. Winter, spring and fall seasons are very short and the long summer season. Our region has the attributes of microclimate is the climate.

c) Surface Shapes: Sakarya River east to the west of our county is divided into two land districts in the north and south of the mountains in Goynuk Sundiken place among the mountains 800-900 m opened wide, the base width of 200-300 m. between the east – west stretch over a valley gutter. Sündiken Mountains in the south, north lara bak up to 30% of the mountain slope is in the Sakarya valley.

As the county seat height of 236 meters from the sea.

d) Vegetation: The remaining lands within the boundaries of our county’s portion of up to 50% is covered with forests and woodlands in a large part of the area consists of pine forest. Sakarya valley near these trees, especially in the area between the mountains and the oak, wild olive, wild fig and gum of “menegiç” There are trees. Sakarya Valley within the boundaries of our district and the remaining section of the poplar

willow trees beside a large portion of berries, apricots, Zerdali, pears, plums, pomegranates, figs, grapes, olive trees are.

Our district typically sandy soil, sandy-loam soils of some areas is alluvial deposits and Sakarya. Watered clay soils are very low.

e) Saricakaya’s  Rivers: The most important rivers within the boundaries of our district and the Sakarya River, a small stream that feeds the creek in May with Catak Tea quality is worth to mention.

Sakarya River, Our Town limits of Ankara Nallihan District Yenice Village, Our Town Duzkoy-Lachin border united from the place to enter the various curves are drawn, and environment to life in Our Town, Mihalgazi County, Bilecik Monopoly, Willow District of Adapazari is reaching.

f) Mine are: the district is the most important mines, chrome and marble. Chrome mine is located in the mountainous area between Dagkuplu-Lachin. After a long process of economic chromite deposits on grounds not abandoned.

Our district is very rich in terms of marble. The bed is operated in the highlands, the marble from Eskisehir, Bilecik and are sent to Afyon.

These are in addition to the lignite, magnesite, wolfrom, copper, like gold mines in the area known but none has not operated.

Lachin district, our district boundaries are extremely rich in minerals, natural mineral water is out and, unfortunately, for many years process. Our people here at any time with his family in a very comfortable and have a picnic can be alone with nature.

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