Nizip is 47 km (29 mile) far to Gaziantep. Nizip  is a district of Gaziantep Province of southeastern Turkey.

As of 2010, the population of the city is 96,229. It is located 45 km from the city of Gaziantep, 95 km from Sanliurfa (Edessa), and 35 km from Karkamis, which is an old city also known historically as Gilgamesh. It is quite near to the ancient Roman cities of Zeugma and Rumkale, which means Roman Castle. The city is commonly confused with Nusaybin because both cities had similar ancient names, which are Nisibis and Nisibin. Even in very credible encyclopedias there appear some confusions. Indeed, while Nizip is near the Euphrates river, Nusaybin is near the Tigris river. In excavation sites, valuable mosaics have been found, including those of Triton, Dionysos’ Wedding, Poseidon, Perseus, Gypsy Girl or Gaia, Dolphin and Eros, Physke, , Aphrodite’s Birth, the God of Euphrates, and Europa.

In 1839, the Ottoman Empire and Egypt, which was being ruled by Muhammad Ali of Egypt (otherwise known as Muhammad Ali Pasha), went to war in the countryside of Nizip on June 24, 1839. Because of that, the war was called the Battle of Nezib.

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