Nilufer 18 km (11 mile) far to Bursa . District of Nilufer got its name from the Nilufer Stream.  And the Nilufer Stream got its name from Orhan Gazi’s wife Nilufer Hatun.  The district is surrounded by Osman Gazi on east, Orhaneli on south, Mustafakemalpasa, Uluabat Lake and Karacabey on west and the district of Mudanya at its north.

In terms of urban planning, Nilufer is the most developed district of Bursa with its recent structuring.

Within the Nilufer district which has Turkey’s largest kart track there is also historical monuments and natural beauties such as castles, churches, monasteries, mosques, Hamams and fountains belonging to the various periods of history at the protected archaeological zones such as Tepecik Village, Akcalar Aktopraklik Hill, Gokyazi under Aladdin Bey village and Misi Village.

Farming/agriculture and ovine breeding (sheep & goats) are among the sources of income in the district. Nilufer provides important contributions to Bursa and Turkey in economic aspects and has become one of the most labor intensive industry regions in recent years.  With this feature, the district provides employment opportunities to essential part of the Bursa population.

Within the boundaries of Nilufer District, Uludag University provides many faculties and higher education in its campus.

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