Nazilli 31 km (19 mile) far to Aydin. Nazilli is a Turkish name that has somehow evolved from the former (also Turkish) name of Pazarkoy (market place). According to legend, the son of Aydin’s governor in the Ottoman period, fell in love with a young woman from Pazarkoy but was rejected by the girl’s father. The young man later named the town Nazli Ili (Nazli’s Home) after his loved one. The 17th century traveller Evliya Celebi held that the town was named for the capriciousness (“naz”) of the local women in this wealthy town. Or it could have been the name of a family of Oghuz Turks that settled here.

These people practiced weaving and thus planted cotton in the area for this purpose. The Oghuz Turks were succeeded by the Anatolian beyliks of Mentese (in 1280) and then Aydinids.

In 1390 Bayezid I brought the area into the Ottoman Empire. At this time the town comprised two villages, Cuma Yeri (Friday Square) and Pazarkoy (Weekday Market). The town was only later referred to as Nazlikoy. In 1402 Tamerlane defeated Bayezid at the Battle of Ankara and took control of the Aegean region, giving the Nazilli area back to the Aydinid family. it was quickly recovered for the Ottomans by Sultan Murat II.

During the Turkish War of Independence Nazilli was occupied by Greek forces and was liberated on September 5, 1922.

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