Mudurnu is a small town and a district of Bolu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It covers an area of 1,349 km2, and the population (2011) is 20,528 of which 4,936 live in the town of Mudurnu. As of 2010, the mayor was Mehmet Inegol (CHP).

The town has a long history and the name Mudurnu comes from the Byzantine princess Modrene, and the ruins of the Byzantine castle can still be seen above the town.

This is an attractive district of forest and mountain. Mudurnu itself is a historical town with a number of well-preserved Ottoman Empire period houses. A portion of the centre of town has been declared an Historic Preservation District (“Kentsel Sit Alani”).

In 1920, during the Nationalists’ push to gain control over the country, Ibrahim Colak with the Kuva-yi Milliye besieged forces loyal to the Porte for three days, May 13 to 15, before taking the town.

Until 2002 when it went bankrupt, the local economy was heavily dependent on the “Mudurnu Chicken” (Mudurnu Tavuk) company, one of Turkey’s largest poultry producers and fast-food chains. There is a large statute of a chicken at the edge of town. After the chicken processing plant closed in 2002, significant numbers of people left the town for jobs elsewhere and the remaining populous began to invest in tidying up and restoring the old town in order to attract tourists and weekend visitors. Many of the old houses are now restaurants serving local cuisine.

In 2007 as part of the dissolution of Mudurnu Chicken the brand name was sold to Pak Chicken (Pak Tavuk), who produced chicken under that brand name, but not in Mudurnu. Beginning in 2010 Pak Chicken opened a chicken packing plant in Mudurnu, employing 350 people by mid 2010.

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