Manavgat 81 km (50 mile) away from Antalya center. Manavgat of Antalya city is a tourism center, where history and nature are within each other and all kinds of tourism activity can be performed. Waterfall, which are 3 km. north of Manavgat province, have the same name with province. It composes a valuable to see panorama with its high flow on a wide area although it falls from an amazing height. Just near to the waterfalls, you can picnic in the nature and can eat fresh fish in surrounding restaurants.

Manavgat is the main shopping and business centre for the Side area, the place to come to go to the bank or to shop for anything that has nothing to do with tourism. It stands on the banks of the wide Manavgat river whose lovely green-tinged waters are a growing attraction in their own right, with many fine wooden boats moored near the bridge waiting to ferry visitors up and down it.

The river is the main town-centre landmark although another is an artificial waterfall at the Side end of the high street.

Between the Taurus Mountains to the north, and the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast, much of the district is surrounded by a flat plain. This is mostly fertile farmland and agriculture is well-developed in Manavgat, keeping livestock and growing crops including grains, sesame and many fruits and vegetables; in recent years olives have also been planted. There is no industry except for food-processing, so apart from agriculture the local economy depends on tourism.

The mountains are covered with forests and typical Mediterranean shrubs, there are small plains higher in the mountains too, traditionally used for summer grazing by the yoruk nomads. Manavgat has a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters; the temperature rarely drops to freezing. The district is irrigated by the Manavgat River, and has two dams for hydro-electric power.

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