Kozakli, about 100 km (62 mile) north of Nevsehir, is Hamamorta. Located in Cappadocia, Kozaklı is one of the district centers of Nevşehir. Due to its central situation to the nearest larger cities like Nevşehir, Kayseri, Yozgat, Niğde and Kırşehir. particularly due to its natural spas, hamams and hotel facilities, Kozaklı has been a popular resort in Central Anatolia.

According to 2010 census, population of the district is 15,519 of which 7,011 live in the town of Kozaklı. The district covers an area of 706 km2 (273 sq mile),and the average elevation is 1,275 m (4,183 ft).

Kozakli comes to mind as being the most important thermal center in Cappadocia. With the help of information gathered from tumulus in the region, it is understood that the history of Kozakli goes back to Catholithic era (BC 5500-300). The archelogical researches proved that the thermal sources in Anatolia, have been used for 4 thousands years starting from Hitites until today. During Roman period, because of their healing characteristic, thermal sources were accepted as holy places. The Romans have constructed baths in Kozakli and Sarikaya county of Yozgat. During Roman period, they were called Aquae Sarvenae and then during Byzantine period as they gained a religious function, they were called as Basilica Therme. These baths were also used spa of Empire. Only some monumental Wall pieces of the bath in Sarikaya, were able to reach today. Unfortunately there are no foundlings of the bath in Kozakli but it is known that the size of the construction was 4×12 meter.

The Thermal waters in Kozakli of high importance for health tourism, is composed of sodium, calcium and chlorine, and found in the groups of medicinal waters of A and C. The thermal waters of Kozali proved to succeed in the of cure of rheumatism, calcification, skin, chronic gynecological diseases atherosclerosis and fungus.

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