Kizilcahamam 82 km (50 mile) far to Ankara. You can pause your trip which will take about 45 minutes to enjoy the scenery of Kurtbogazi barrage pond near the enter of Kizilcahamam.

Its not possible to think that land in the midst of Anatolia had been homeland for old civilizations. Throughout the history, Kizilcahamam has also hosted the civilizations and societies passing over Anatolia, the bed of cultural assets. A certain date for first settlement here can not be mentioned. But it is throught that this region is an old site having a 15 thousand year past, in the view of the data and evidances obtained as a result of researches in the region.

The civilisations reigned in and around Ankara settled in Kizilcahamam, as well. Analysing the findings discovered during the researches carried out by Prof. Muzaffer Şenyurek, it is possible to come to a conclusion that the Hitites settled on this land. These findings have increased with the remains and Works reflect the characteristics of Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian and Ottoman periods.

A beauty which is the combination of water, green and richness comes to mind when the natüre is the matter in Kizilcahamam. This region famous for its healing water has a variety of being. Pinewood and oaks produce the oxygen you breathe and thermal water delivers health. The variety of species gives the opportunity for natural observation.

Kizilcahamam provides lots of diffrent routes for trekking with its mounts covered with forests, plateaus like sanatoriums, ponds delivering peace with their serenity and water being remedy for diseases. The natüre greets us in its most generous state with is all beauty and wealth in Kizilcahamam.

The first thing coming to mind of many people is thermal spring when they hear about Kizilcahamam. The most important feature of the district which is the richest area in terms of healing water is that mineral, spring, thermal and drinking water exist together here. In every season of the year, thousands of people come to this district to gain health.

The dishes and food which are widespread in central Anatolia, turn into different flavors with recipes peculiar to Kizilcahamam. Mostly pastry is famous in the district in relation with the products grown here. In Daily life, mostly dry legumes and pastry are consumed because there is not a variety of vegetable in the region. There are ovens in the kitchens in village houses where a variety of meal is created with limited ingredients. The baking sheet on which gözleme, bazlama, cizlama are cooked fort he kitchens in the region. In the area where the amount of mushroom and rough rice cultivated are high, you will have the chance to eat the healthy and tasty trout farming in the district.

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