Kestel 23 km (14 mile) far to Bursa . The district of Kestel was the center for taking care of feudal landlord works during the Byzantine period.

Used as a fortress to stop the future attacks of the Byzantine Empire from the Asia Minor, Kestel moved under the Turkish sovereignty in 1306, at the end of the Battle of Dimboz which was during the times of Osman Bey, founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Kestel Castle from the Byzantine era and the Saitabat Waterfalls situated within the boundaries of the Derekizik Village in the district are the most popular sites.  The mosque, Hamam and others arts built by a religious scholar Vani Mehmed Efendi who had big contributions in developing the district are one of the important historic structures that have survived until today.

The district’s source of living is based on farming and fruit growing. The industrial facilities developing in the district since 1980 is strengthening its economy.

Kestel Fortress situated 12 kilometers east of Bursa, Kestel was the governorship center during the Byzantine period. The fortress in the district was the border fortress of the Eastern Roman Empire and due to this it was named Kastel (castel) which means a little castle in Latin and in 1306, after the Dimboz Battle, with the Ottomans conquering it, its name became Kestel.

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