Karacabey 75 km (46 mile) far to Bursa. Its surface area is 1,285 km2 and population is approximately 80,000 and the population density is 51 people/km2.   There are 66 villages under the center district. The lands of Karacabey Plain are highly productive and wheat, barley, corn, beans, peas, sugar beet, cotton, sunflower and tobacco are grown the most.  In addition, growing potato and onion is very developed in the district as well as vegetable growing and fruit growing.

Animal breeding is well developed in the district and aside from the tomato/pepper paste and flour mills, Karacabey created the world-famous Sutas brand.  Karacabey is also renowned for its Mahlac Cheese (made with whole-fat sheep milk) and its stud farm which is famous for its sheep and horse breeding is an important brand of the district. Turkey’s best race horses are bred at this stud farm.  The stud farm’s history dates back to the time of Orhan Gazi.  Aside from horse breeding, it is the best rooted and the largest agricultural enterprises of Turkey.  Karacabey was known as Mihalic in ancient times. In sequence, it was under the sovereignty of the Bithynians, Lydians and the Persians.

Karacabey Mosque was built in 1473 during the Fatih Sultan Mehmed era and there are tombs of Karacabey who was the vizier of Fatih and his family next to the mosque.

Issiz Han (Secluded Inn) situated on the Bursa-Karacabey highway and 5 kilometers east of Uluabat, the caravansary is completely broken-down and awaiting to be restored.

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