Inegol 57 km (35 mile) far to Bursa. Inegol district consists of 12 neighborhoods in the district center, 94 villages and 5 towns.  It is famous for its Oylat Thermal Springs, Inegol Meatballs and Inegol furniture.  It is large district that is as developed as a province with more than 200,000 people (208,000).  The characteristics of the climate of Inegol is a cross between Black Sea and Mediterranean.  It is more similar to the Mediterranean climate during summer months.  It is hot with less rain. And during the winter months, it is cold with plenty of rain.  Its snowfalls are normal but there are a lot of frost/freeze incidents.

One of the basic elements of Inegol’s economic life is agriculture.  There is poly-culture agriculture in the district.  Field crops, vegetables and fruits are grown.  Vegetables and the fruit products grown are marketed abroad.  Tomato has an important place in the field of vegetable growing.

Inegol has natural beauties such as Bogazova Plateau, Arabaoturagi Plateau, Alacam Plateau and historic sycamore trees.  Oylat Thermal Springs in Hilmiye Village and the Oylat Cave, Sullur Cave, Iki Kapili (two-door) Cave and Zilli Cave at the south of the village along with Inegol Mineral Water Facilities, potential of hunting at the mountains surrounding Inegol, rich historical artifacts and homes from the 19th century makes the district very appealing in terms of tourism. At the Sultan village 13 kilometers away from Inegol, Geyikli Baba Mausoleum which was built by Orhan Bey for Germiyanoglu Geyik Baba and Balim Sultan who lived in the XIV century is an important place to visit.  Historic-Cultural Sites: Hamza Bey Mosque, Yildirim Mosque (Cuma Mosque), Kursunlu Mosque, Kursunlu Inn, Ortakoy Caravansary and Ishak Pasha Mosque and Social Complex are the historic artifacts in Inegol.

The Social Complex was built by Grand Vizier Ishak Pasha in 1481 and inside there are the tombs of Ishak Pasha and Tacunnisa Sultan who is the wife of Sultan Murad Han II.   The public soup-kitchen, inn and the stables that are supposed to be inside have collapsed.  Yildirim Mosque (Cuma Mosque);  It is one of the first buildings of the Ottoman architecture.  Kursunlu Village Mosque;  It was build during the Yildirim Bayezid era.  Geyikli Baba Tomb;  It is in Sultan village 13 kilometers away from Inegol.  It is one of the first tombs of the Ottoman architecture.  Organ Gazi had it built it for Germiyanoglu Geyik Baba and for Balim Sultan.  There is a mosque and a Hamam next to the tomb.  Ortakoy Caravansary;  It is two-storied.  Top floor is broken-down and the ground floor is abandoned.  It is one of the resting mansions of the Yildirim Bayezid era.  Hamzabey Mosque;  It is the work of the Yildirim Bayezid era.

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