Ilgaz is 49 km (30 mile) far to Cankiri. Ilgaz, formerly Kochisar, is a town and district of Cankiri Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. Ilgaz is also the name of a mountain range that is shared between Cankiri and Kastamonu provinces. The mountain is home to a ski center.

The Ilgaz mountains are in the Black Sea region, in the city borders of Kastamonu and Cankiri, and have an altitude of 2850 meters. Besides winter sports, this National Park is a popular and beautiful spot all year round.

The Ilgaz ski resort lies 40km from Kastamonu and 73km from Cankiri, and 203km northeast from its nearest airport, Ankara. Tour buses and private vehicles make the journey from the centre of Kastamonu.

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