Hopa 69 km (42mile) far to Artvin. Hopa is a city and district of Artvin Province in northeast Turkey. It is located on the eastern Turkish Black Sea coast and 18 kilometres from the border with Georgia. The land climbs sharply from 10m above sea level in the coastal areas up into the Sultan Selim Mountains, the hillsides are well watered and green with alder, chestnuts, hornbeams and other deciduous trees. The highest point is Mt Yavuz Sultan Selim at 1513m.

Hopa was returned as part of the Brest Litovsk Agreement in 1918 and formally joined Turkey in 14th March 1921. The Sarp border gate was opened in 31 August 1988 with the “International Road Transport Agreement” between Soviet Union and Turkey and gave a big boost to Hopa in trade and tourism.

The district of Hopa is surrounded by Acara from the northeast, Borçka from the east, Arhavi from the southwest, and the Black Sea from the northwest sides. The district also stands out as an intersection point on the international highway which connects Rize, Trabzon, Artvin, Ardahan, Posof, Kars, Erzurum, and the Republic of Georgia. Flights, requiring no visas, fr om the city of Batumi in Georgia to İstanbul and passenger transport to the port are organized.

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