Harmancik 104 km (64 mile) far to Bursa. Harmacik became a district in 1987 and is located at the South of Uludag between high plateaus.  It is situated on the borders where Bursa-Balikesir (square) and Kutahya provinces meet.  Its altitude is 650 meters and surface area is 38,938 hectares. The climate is continental climate.  The district is surrounded by pine forests.  It consists of 1 central municipality and 27 villages. With the population of 8,340, majority of the people in the district work with farming. Due to limitations on employment opportunities, the district consistently immigrates out.

The districts population is five thousandths of Bursa’s  population.  Trading/commercial life is not too advanced. Setting up a bazaar on Wednesdays along with organizing a 7-day fair every year in August in the center of the district bring vitality to the district’s economy.  Economy;  Up until the mining crisis of 1994, mining has been the most important source of income. The district has large chrome beds. Chrome was found, for the first time in the world, in the Dagardi-Koca Mining in Harmancik in 1848 by the American Lawrence Smith.

Due to the lack of agricultural land in the district, number families that live on farming is small.  Generally, in order to meet the family needs they grow vegetables and fruits but not in enough quantities to sell for commercial purposes.  Wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers and legume (beans and alike) are cultivated.

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