Golpazari is 44 km (27 mile) far to Bilecik. Golpazari is a town and district of Bilecik Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. The mayor is Vedat Kazici (CHP).

Golpazari is a small town with 11,424 population. Despite its proximity to the most important metropolises of Turkey, and its fertile lands, the town never experienced overpopulation due to its isolated geography by the hills. As a result of archaeological excavations, Phrygians are thought to be the first founders of the town. Roman milestones still exist in the north of the town, passing from the village of Keskin. The town was one of the first Ottoman captured settlements in the region. A caravanserai known as “Tashan” dated as early as 1412-which is one of the oldest buildings remained from early Ottoman period. Main scripture of the building has also great value on early Ottoman history since it mentions about Kose Mihal.

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