The district Golhisar is the second biggest district of the province Burdur and situated in the crossroad of Denizli-Antalya-Burdur-Fethiye. Golhisar total population is 22600. Golhisar, the most beautiful district of Burdur, is in the west of Kibyratis situated on the place where antique ways join. Today, it has a location that can be reached easily from Fethiye, Denizli and Antalya as well.

Golhisar district, in addition to easy transportation opportunity, richness of its commercial and social life, is one of the rare settlements which has natural beauties. The ancient city of Kibyra is an important antique city which is 5 km far away from our district and covers a 50.000m2 spaces. It was the capital of a tetrapolis (with Oinoanda, Balbura and Bubon) before the area was divided between the Roman provinces of Lycia and Phrygia. The city centre of Kibyra spread over three hills and was surrounded on three sides by the necropolis. Visible structures include the stadion, theatre, odeon and two agoras. This was an important ironworking area.

Kabalis is the capital city of the region. “Kibiyra” is the largest city and then come Buban, Balbura and Inuada cities. Kabalis Area consists os Seki Plain, Dirmil Plains, İbecik stream, and Lake of Sogut. Prof. Alan Stirling Hall The city was governed by Tirana Moagetes from the Milyas region of Kibyra. In the reign of Eumenes II 197-159 BC, Kibyra was depended on Bergama Kingdom, after the ruin of the kingdom Kibyra formed Tetrapolis. Kibyrais the capital of Tetrapolis; consists of Buban ,Balburo (Karaculfa Village), Oinoanda (Incealiler Village).

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