Gokceadaa is takes two and half hours from Canakkale by ferryboat. Imbros, called as Gokceada in Turkey (old name in Turkish; Imroz ), is the largest island of Turkey, part of Canakkale Province. It is located at the beginning of Saros Bay in the northern edge of Aegean Sea, also the western edge point of Turkey (Avlaka peninsula). The area of Gokceada is about 279 km2 (108 square miles), Imbros contains some wooded areas. Gokceada is 2 km away from Canakkale city centre.

A pleasant boat ride from Kabatepe or Canakkale of around an hour and a half brings you to Kuzu Harbour on Gokceada, the largest of the Turkish islands. Situated on Turkey’s furthest westerly point, Gokceada is a popular tourist destination with a host of cultural assets and striking natural beauty.

From archaeological finds discovered in and around the village of Yeni Bademli Hoyuk, it seems that the history of the island stretches back as far as 300 BC. Like many villages on the island, Yeni Bademli is a conservation site and well worth a visit. The Roman Rock Tomb located in Kokina with its two burial places is another site of interest.

Just along from Kuzu Harbour and only visible from the sea is Kaskaval Cliff, also known as Peynir Kayaliklari (Cheese rocks). Considered to be a natural wonder, the formation of the cliff bizarrely resembles stacked pieces of cheese on top of one another. The area between Yildizkoy and Yelkenkaya, which is full of amazing rock formations, boasts the first ever Underwater National Park in Turkey.

With its abundance of natural beauty including lakes, waterfalls, such a the splendid example at Marmaros, pristine beaches and a host of tourist activities, Gokceada offers visitors an unforgettable holiday experience. The 2 km long Aydincik Plaji and İnceburun Plaji in the far west of the  region are both excellent beaches, popular with windsurfers. The surrounding area is fascinating too with its rock tombs and the curative mud baths of lake Tuz, which are situated a short distance away.

For generations, fishing has been one of the main means of earning a living in Gokceada. It is possible to find a plentiful supply to fresh fish all year round and the choice on offer varies according to the season. The wonders of Turkish and Greek cuisine can often be seen on the same menu.

Gokceada was dominated by many civilizations throughout history. Because of being an important location of  the entrence of the Dardanelles, it has always been so busy. Because the island was so often captured, very few  development was established; besides, the population who lives at island  was harmed.

It is proved  that the first tribe which has lived on the island is the Pelagians(Akalar). The excavators underlined that the history of the island date back to 5000 years before.  After the Pelagians(Akalar); following civilizations dominated on the island; Persians, Athens, Spartians, Romans, Byzantines, Genoses Venetians and Turkish Republic dominated Gokceada respectively.

There hasn’t been too much information related to its Archaic Age of the island which its old name was Imroz. The fact that is known the Pelasgians were the oldest dwellers of the island. The island was occupied with Athens by Miltiades in 500BC and it remained under the domination of Athens until the dominstion of Romans. The island was annexed to Ottoman lands by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1455 and it remained between the years of 1922-1923 under the occupation of the Greeks. According to the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, the Republic of Turkish took possesion the island on 22 September 1923. The Merkez Mosque and Fatih Mosque are located in Yenimahalle. The old Bademli Village is under the protection. In the village, historical laundry, the centurial plane in front of it and the buildings of primary schools are worth seeing. The Roman Stone Burial Place which is gone on archeological excavations in the New Bademli Hoyuk and Kokina regions is also worth seeing ruins. Most of the restaurants and hotels are in the Asagi Kalekoy, Yukari Kalekoy was established above foothill of the ruins old fortress.

The only underwater national park of Turkey has interesting stone formation which is located the region between Yildizkoy and Yelkenkaya.It has been assigned to TUDAV (Turkish Marine Scienses Foundation) and it has been declared as the Underwater National Park. Zeytinli village is also under the protection.

Gokceada is 32 miles away from Canakkale and 14 miles from the Kapatepe Port in Gelibolu Peninsula. The ferryboat excursions are launched from the Kapatepe Port to the island every day.

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