Gemlik is a harbor town and district of Bursa Province at the southern gulf of Armutlu Peninsula on the Sea of Marmara’s coast in Turkey. Gemlik was called Kios until 1922, when its Greek inhabitants, around 80% of the population, left Asia Minor because of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

In 2004, Gemlik had approximately 70,000 inhabitants. The harbour is one of the most important in Turkey. Somewhat east of Gemlik, a few remains of the ancient Greek town of Kios can be found. As of 2009, the total population is 100,000.

Gemlik is also renowned with its olives and olive oils. Marmara Birlik, a cooperative of olive farmers and producers, has ranked as top one among the olive producers in the world.

Gemlik’s economy is very developed and many people are involved in agriculture. Olive trees are one of the most abundant crops with recent increase in fruit trees such as apples, peaches and pears.

Is developing in vegetable production. Canned fooding is improving in Gemlik and in it’s villages. Canned fooding involves artichoke, okra (gumbo), bean, tomato, cucumber, aubergine, pea and pepper.

In close villages cattle breeding is not done but in village which are close to mountains cattle breeding is done. Sheep and goat from small head animals horse, cow, donkey, buffalo from big head animals are breeding. In last years chicken breeding is spreading.

Fishing is one of the most important sources of income and in gulf you are able to find every kind of fish.

Climate, Gemlik is closed to north winds by Samanli Mountains in Gemlik the features of Mediterranean climate was occured. Generally summers are hot and dry, winters are rainy and warm. The hotness of winter is low and hotness of summer is high. The hotest months are July and August, the coldest month is February. There is a rain observer station in Gemlik.

The Gemlik Gulf and the beach of Marmara is a place for enjoyment and rest. Kucuk Kumla, Buyuk Kumla, Karacaali there are hotels, motels, camp places, boardinghouses and every year tourists come here to rest. You can go to this villages by air or by car. Gemlik is 40 km for away from Yalova. Ankara-Eskisehir-Bursa highway has an important effect in Gemlik’s tourism.

There is a weekly ferryboat to İstanbul and also by car it takes only 30 minutes to go Yalova, there are ferryboat to Karakoy and Kartal every day. From Istanbul Ataturk Airport there are planes to Bursa. The most important thing is Izmir-Balikesir-Bursa road is passing through Gemlik and goes to Istanbul.

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