Firstly, in order to reach to Gallipoli from Canakkale city center, you could get on the ferry-jets, departing from Canakkale Ferry Harbour to Eceabat Province, then could keep follow 31 km  (19 mile) by the highway.  Gelibolu is the name of a town and a district of Canakkale Province, Turkey, located on the Gallipoli peninsula in the European part of Turkey.Its modern Turkish name is Gelibolu. The name derives from the Greek;  Kallipolis, meaning “Beautiful City”. Gallipoli did not experience any more wars until World War I, when British and colonial forces invaded the peninsula in 1915, seeking to secure a route to relieve their ally Imperial Russia in the east. The Ottomans set up defensive fortifications along the peninsula, with German help, and the invaders were eventually repulsed. The results of the the Gallipoli campaign was appalling. 26,111 Australian casualties of whom 8,141 were killed. In addition, New Zealand suffered 7,571 casualties of whom 2,431 were killed. Britain endured 21,255 dead over 120,000 casualties, while French troops lost about 10,000 over 27,000 casualties. India and Newfoundland lost 1350 and 49 soldiers respectively. The Turkish lost about 80.000 soldiers over 220,000 casualties Anzac Day takes place every year on the 25th of April, the day the Anzac troops landed at, what is known as, Anzac Cove.

Gelibolu is the name of a town and a district of Canakkale province, Turkey, located on the Gallipoli peninsula in the European part of Turkey.
Gelibolu was the original center of Kaptanpasa Eyalet; between 1864 and 1920 the town was the sanjak center in Edirne vilayet. The Bulgarian Army threatened Gelibolu during the First Balkan War and advanced to Bolayir in 1912. During the First World War the peninsula and the town were invested by a series of memorable battles (see Gallipoli campain). The town was lately occupied by Greeks, between 1920-1922, and finally returned to Turkey. Between 1922 and 1926 the town was a provincial center and the districts of Gelibolu, Eceabat, Kesan (Enez became part of Kesan before 1953) and Sarkoy. In the background of this web page you see a map which was drawn by The Turkish Admiral Piri Reis in the city of Gelibolu between the 9th of March and the 7th of April of the year 1513. Gelibolu is well-known with cheese sweet, fish, fish soup and sardine canning.

The district called Gallipolis in antique period is adorned with historical buildings during XIV. And XV. Centuries. Unfortunately the most was destroyed and the less reached today.  It’s estimated that Gallipolis was set up in VII Century B.C. Gallipolis Fortress constructed during antique time was restoration by Justiniaus I., Ulu Mosque (Hudavendigar Mosque) built during Murad L, Azebler Worship Place having majestic and royal image among the similar buildings, Yazicioglu Mosque, Sofca Halil Mosque, Ahmet Bican, Sarica Pasha and Yazicioglu Tombs are some of the historical works of art the dist- rict. Kasapoglu Alibey and Saruca Pasha Baths, Bolayir Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque and Tomb and also Namik Kemal’s grave are the remarkable one in Gelibolu.

Canakkale is a unique and miraculous city which has historical, cultural and touristic beauty abundances as inborn. As Gallipoli witnessed to many crutial events which had happened through the history and changed the progress of the world , is a extremely significant and characteristic province. Not only with its illustrious history but also with the important, talented and valuable authors , reverends , philosophers and navy admirals, Gallipoli takes a memorable and respectable place in the World. For all that reason, every year, thousand of people come to visit Gallipoli Campaign Battlefields, Memorials, Cemeteries and Monuments which exist on in the Historical National Park of Gallipoli Peninsula in order to say that “ I Was In There”. Please visit Kabatepe Information Center in order to supply basic important documents and brochures about the region. Please visit highlights so that you have better information about specific points.

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