Finike 114 km (70 mile) away from Antalya center. Finike is one of the coastal districts of the Turkey province Antalya. Finike can be reached from Antalya city which is the capital of Antalya province, taking western route. Since it is a coastal district, it means, it is along the seashore. Finike became known for foreigners with its oranges that made orange became the symbol of this place.

The beauty of Finike became very attractive for the ancient conquering empires. The ancient Greeks particularly the Phoenicians settled in Finike, claiming that they were its founders and the name of this town was derived from Phoenicus that later became Finike.

When the Persian Empire became under Alexander the great, the Persians settled to Finike and made it as trading center. The forces of Syria, Egypt and Rhodes tried to invade Finike until it became part of the famous empire in the ancient world, the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire collapsed, Finike became part of the Byzantine Empire, and then was occupied by the Arabs until it was completely taken by Turkey. Finike’s small population is encouraging for tourists who want to settle there. Its people are only 45962.

The top economy of Finike is agriculture, particularly producing oranges and other citrus fruits. The second source of income of Finlike is tourism, since many tourists go there in the summertime. Finlike is quite far from other districts of Antalya, so Finike is a good place for people who are looking for a place where life is peaceful, relaxing and giving chance to enjoy the beauty of nature such as the sea. Because of its location along the sea, the port of Finike is now a yacht marina, and has a small fishing fleet.

The coast is rich in marine life including sea turtles and fish. Examples of the varieties of fishes are red porgy, Sparidae, and grouper, leerfish, Carangidae; and the more widespread Mediterranean selections such as sea bream, bluefish, swordfish, sea bass, and sardines. The beaches of Finlike are good nesting ground for caretta caretta, sea turtles, and the rocky portions of the sea are beneficial for Mediterranean Monk Seals. Although Finlike is just a small place along Turkish sea, offering a unique kind of peaceful world, Finike has a magical feature. It can be used as a vehicle to go back in colorful historical times such as the glorious era of the classical Greek era known as the classical Helenic culture.

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