Ezine is a town and district of Canakkale Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. The district covers an area of 654 km2 (253 sq mi),and the town lies at an elevation of 39 m (128 ft). Ezine is 45 km. away from the Canakkale city center.

Ezine is located on the site of the ancient city of Neandreia. Ezine sits astride the highway running from Canakkale to Izmir. Among historical delights in Ezine there is the one of the earliest examples of Ottoman mosques, the Abdurrahman Mosque, or the Sefer Sah Mosque built from the remains of ancient ruins in the area and right near it is the cell and grave of the 14th century hermit Ahi Yunus.

According to the 2000 census, population of the Ezine is 35,301 of which 13,309 live in the town of Ezine.

Neandria, The ancient  Neandria is very close to the Ezine city centre. The Aiolya Temple on the foothills of Cigri Mountain was in Neandreia. Neandreia was a tax paying member of the Attica Delos Sea Union.

Babakale, A short voyage from Ezine to the south from the seaside, taking  through very important historical places, brings to the westernmost point of the Turkish mainland, Babakale.

Mavra Island, If you have the time and can arrange a boat with the fishermen you can see Mavra Island, 40 minutes sailing away.

Alexandreia Troas, The candidate to be the capital of the Roman Empire. When you travel from the village of Dalyan in the direction of Babakale the road goes through the Alexandreia Troas.

The Kestanbol thermal waters, This natural and hot spring is 67 degrees celsuis at its the source and 68 degrees in the mud. The bath, mud bath, inhalation, sprinkled treatment cures are good especially for women’s diseases, rheumatism, sciatica, calcification and bone tuberculoses.

Dalyan, The road coming from the goes to Geyikli then to Dalyan. From the turn to right leading to the village of Dalyan you get to this small fishing village.

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