Eceabat is takes 25 minutes  from Canakkale by ferryboat. Eceabat,  is a district of Canakkale province adn places in gallipoli peninsula. The old name of the district is Maydos. Dardanelles war placed in limitations of Ecabat. The town is famous with monumental Ottoman castles.

The old names of the town are; Sestos (Akbas), Koila (Kilye), Madytos (Maydos), Kynossema (Kilitbahir) . 7th  Century  B.C. Persians, 334 B.C. Alexander the Great and  191 B.C. Romans dominated at the city. There are stil ruins in Eceabat from this civilizations.

From  14th century  Turkish domination started at town. At Conqueror Mehmets period two castles constructed at region and  one of the constructed to town. After 1914 one of the First World Wars Front  placed in here.

Eceabat is at the northwest side of the Anatolia and located at the European part of the Turkey. At east of Eceabat you can see Dardanelles, at west side you can see Egean Sea.

Town is located at 26-27 east meridians and  ile 40-41 North Paralles. And it covers  490 km2 .

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