Dursunbey 83 km (51 mile) far to Balikesir. Dursunbey is a small mountanious town, formerly Balat , located in the North-west of Turkey,is a town and district of Balıkesir Province in the Marmara region of Turkey.

It’s Population is 16,924.(as of 2010) . Dursunbey is noted for its wood and apples. Besides, it is also noted for its Alaçam Mountains, Alaçam pine trees and mines..It is 80 kmS far from the Balıkesir Province. Forestry,mining and farming are the main sources of income in our district.

The environ of Dursunbey was called  ‘Abriettene’ during the Roman Empire. Especially the centre of Abriettene –Dursunbey was called  ‘ Hadrianeia’. During the Roman Empire, Hadrianeia( Dursunbey) was an important place of mint where money is produced.

The name Hadrianeia is originated from ‘ Hadrian’ –the famous Roman Empire. He ruled his Empire for 21 years in peace. He was loved by his people as he valued peace and art in his country. Dursunbey was called ‘Hadrianeia’  in honor of Hadrian. It’s estimated that Hadrianeia ( Dursunbey) was founded in 131-132 A.D.

In consequence of the altitude and being covered by high mountains, Dursunbey is far away from naval breeze. So it is cooler in summer and it is colder in winter. It has a terrestrial climate.So, it is cold in winter and it is hot in summer. There is so much falling in spring and in winter in Dursunbey.

Dursunbey has rich cultural values. Its culture based on mainly traditional folk dances,its musics and costumes named as “Barana”.Even this cultural item has been included into the list of intangible cultural heritages in the world by UNESCO within a Project  in 2010 ‘Barana’ is the name of folk dancing and it is one of the cultural elements  in Dursunbey. It is fascinating to watch Barana in Dursunbey.

Dursunbey has many sightseeings and these offer possibilities to mountain tourism. Especially , ‘Yayla’ is the most important of them. There are some protected places for animals and for sightseeing there. You can go and stay in Yayla, and have a good mountain holiday there.

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