Diyadin is 62 km (38 mile) far to Agri. Diyadin is an unexceptional small town 7km south of the main road from Doğubayazıt to Ağrı. A further 9km to the south is Ilıca, site of thermal activity that brings water gushing from the ground at a constant 70 degrees Celsius.

As you travel from Doğubayezit to Diyadin, the mountains seem to talk. The Ipek Gecidi (Silk Pass) at 2010 meters affords passage. Just 15 km from the city center are the Diyadin Spas with their natural thermal pools and fountains on the one hand and rustic bed & breakfasts and night clubs on the other, and the Tendurek Mountains standing opposite saying, “If you want to know this place, ask me!” The thermal springs offer health tourism for people from the neighboring provinces. Mountain climbers come to scale Agri, and those who come to see the Meteor Crater and Ice Cave make up another group.

To capitalise on the hot water six kaplicas (hot spring resorts) have been created where you can either swim very cheaply in a public pool or hire a private bath.

It’s a nice idea but sadly the bath complexes are all extremely crude and ugly and surrounded with rubbish. More interesting are the pools of pure turquoise reminiscent of miniature Pamukkales that can be seen beside the oldest of the complexes.

Nearby a river flows through a gorgeThe surrounding scenery is lovely. It’s probably best to come for that rather than the hot springs.

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