Dinar is 125 km (77 mile) far to Afyon.  Afyon-Antalya highway, 106 km from the city center. There is a distance between the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. History’s first music contest between Marsyas and Apollo, God made Dinar. Danteon significant attractions of the town (temple servant of the gods), the temple of Artemis-Anaitis, the ancient theater, the agora (marketplace), the ancient stadium, Sucikan Park, Pinarbasi Karakuyu Bird Paradise, Norgaz picnic area, and Zender Cerit plateaus.

Dinar today is a small town in a rural area, with limited amenities, particularly since there was a large earthquake here in 1995, which caused many people to migrate away from the town. Dinar is a crossroads on journeys from Ankara or Istanbul to Antalya, motorists wouldn’t stop here but many trucks do need to.

The folk culture of Dinar is rich, the town granted many well-known folk-songs.

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