Dazkiri is 159 km (98 mile) far to Afyon. Afyon-Denizli highway, 140 km from the city center. Dazkiri town in 1959 and became a district. Dazkiri town root dyed carpet weaving and selling reyonlarıyla gained worldwide fame. The climate in the district is hot and dry in summer, and cold and wet in winter. The mayor is Güneş Zengin (MHP).

Acıgöl, the second-largest alkaline lake in the world, is largely within this district. On the Denizli side of the lake there are plants extracting sodium sulphate, but the Dazkırı lake-shore is still agricultural. There is also potential for mining chrome and other minerals. There is a lake called acıgöl (sour lake) which contains thousands of different minerals.

Dazkiri and Basmakci are 10 km away from each other and livestock business is significantly important income for the region. It is estimated that there are approximately 500 family-run chicken farms and business companies in the area. Turba tavukculuk is one of the leading family business companies.

Dazkiri is also known for its hand-woven carpets.

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