Cermik is 90 km (55 mile) far to Diyarbakir . Cermik is a town and district of Diyarbakir Province of Turkey. The population is 17962 (as of 2010)

Cermik, called Aberna once, gets its name from its world-famous natural spa. The water in the Cermik Spa contains natriumchloride, calcium sulfate and fluoride and can be used externally as well as internally to heal rheumatism, digestive problems, illnesses of the thyroid glands, kidneys and urinary passages and metabolism problems.

As of 2006, the population of Cermik is about 21 000. Main attractions are Gelincik Dagi ( Mountain of Gelincik), the Haburman Bridge, Ceteci (Bande) Abdullah Pasha Madrasa, Ulu Cami (The Grand Mosque) and Bandeler Fountain (Bandeler Cesmesi).

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