Bozuyuk is 36 km (22 mile) far to Bilecik. Bozuyuk is a town and district of Bilecik Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. The mayor is Ahmet Berberoglu (AKP).

Bozuyuk is the biggest town in Bilecik Province. The district has an area of 928 km2 (358 sq mile) and borders İnegol to the west, Pazaryeri to the northwest, Bilecik to the north, Sogut to the northeast, Eskisehir to the east, İnonu to the southeast, Kutahya and Tavsanlı to the south and Domanic to the southwest. The 2000 census put the population at 61,150 citizens, and according to a 2010 estimate, the population was 57,491. Bozuyuk has 7 boroughs and 45 villages and depends economically on Eskisehir. The town is 32 km away from Bilecik and 45 km away from Eskisehir.

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