Bozkurt is 52 km (32 mile) far to Denizli . Bozkurt is a town and a rural district of Denizli Province in the Aegean Region of Turkey. The town is situated on a east of the city of Denizli. The altitude of the town is 866.8 m, and the district area is around 400 km2 (150 sq mile). The population (2000 census) is 11,738 of which 4,589 live in the small town of Bozkurt itself (with the remainder in surrounding countryside). It is quite close to the Lake Acıgöl and the neighboring town of Cardak and Inceler Kasabasi.

This is high country inland from the Aegean and Mediterranean, and has hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.

During the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) refugees from Bulgaria were settled on the plain, which was then known as Hanabat after a Seljuk Turkish caravanserai that stands within the boundaries of the present-day neighboring district of Cardak. Immigration from Bulgaria continued until recent times.

This is an agricultural district, with irrigation systems currently being constructed.

A notable sight of interest is Karagol, literally the black lake. Situated on top of the mountain on the slopes of which the town of Bozkurt is located, Karagol is at an altitude of 1,250 m. and is area of dense forests centered around several small crater lakes which are also fed by streams. The lakes are much visited due to the natural beauty of the scenery and for their fish.

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