Bozdogan 50 km (31 mile) far to Aydin. Bozdogan is high on the side of Mount Madran, the source of the highly valued Pinar Madran mineral water, which is bottled and packaged at the source. The surroundings are also green and mildly forested, compared to the arid and yellow valley. The local economy depends on organic agriculture, especially olives,figs, fruits and vegetables which are exported to the markets of Europe and America.

Bozdogan itself is a small, quiet town of historic narrow cobble stone streets, and stone houses. Bozdogan has a population 9,888, but has high schools which are the best in the region, the newly built Rasim Mentese University, and other basic amenities. The Bozdogan municipality is currently working on a cultural park and regional hospital with millionaire Rasim Mentese, who was born in Bozdogan, and on another project aimed at switching from coal to wind and solar power. The cuisine includes pide (a flat bread) flavoured with tahinli and eaten with fresh cream which attracts many tourist within the province.

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