Bozcaada is a small island in the north Aegean, a district of Canakkale province. The third biggest island in Turkey.The settlements are clustered around the town centre, in the north east of the island. This is the only village on the island.The whole of Bozcaada is a natural and historical preservation and conservation site.The means of livelihood on the Bozcaada  is viticulture, viniculture, fishing and tourism. Viticulture and viniculture are old traditions on the island. There is virtually no inhabitant who does not own a vineyard, or who does not know how to make wine.

It is one of two islands belonging to our country in the Aegean Sea. Bozcaada which is called Tenedos in archaic ages is mentioned in Iliad of Homer. Heredotos writes that Pelasgions settled to Bozcaada as first. In 334 BC Alexander the Great dominates the Aegean Islands. After 1 BC the Roman Empire, then in 1455 – 1456 the island was taken from Venetians and it was the first island the Turks taking possession in Aegean. In the cemetery ceramic sculptures and pots have been found which is used from 6 BC to the Roman Empire, Yeni Kale which was built by venetians and the Koprulu Mehmet Pasha Mosque are other productions of the town.

Among the historical places from Ottomans; Yali Mosque, Alaybey Mosque, Namazgah which is used as a park today and its historical fountain, Meryem Ana Church with three naves which was built in 1870 will have an effect on visitors. The place which is defined as Aya Paraskeyi Ayazmasi is important for Orthodox faith. Today Vintage festivals replaced of Paraskevi Festivals which was arranged here in the past.

The wine distilleries, wind energy facility, wineyards of Bozcaada, Alaybey Mosque, Kimisis Teadoku Rum Orthodox Church, Goztepe, Habbale, Camlik picnic area, Namazgah Fountain, the houses of the islands, Bozcaada Native History Research Institue, the Tuz Cape(Salt Cape), Koprulu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, the Ayazma marina, the Mermer Cape, Polente lighthouse are essential places must be seen certainly.

The main of Bozcaada economy is a viniculture because of its climate characteristic. Fishery and tourism are important source of income in the town. Besides 4 wine distilleries, wine is made in the houses in the island where Vintage Festivals are arranged. The transportation is gotten by ferryboats departed from Geyikli Yukyeri Port.

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