Borcka 92 km (57mile) far to Artvin. Borcka is a town and district of Artvin Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey, on the border with Georgia.Borcka is reached by a winding road up from the Black Sea coast, alongside the Coruh River. There is an ancient stone bridge across the river just west of the town.Borcka Lake is a popular excursion from Artvin.

Borcka Karagol, small lakes don’t appear on maps. These natural wonders can only be discovered either by talking with people who live in the area or by following the recommendations of previous visitors. We decided to visit the Borcka Karagol during a conversation with an employee at the TEMA Foundation Guesthouse, where we stayed in the town of Macahel. To get to the lake, you have to drive 20 kilometers along the Borcka-Camili (Macahel) road and then turn off at the sign for Karagol and follow the gravel road. Five kilometers later your journey will end at a dark blue lake hidden in the forest amidst mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. While the sun coyly hides its face in the clouds, everything is suddenly enveloped in mist. Unable to resist the allure of a boat moored to a tiny pier, we start rowing. A section of the lake is covered with reeds. We complete our lake tour to the croaking of frogs. Just as we are about to occupy one of the tables on shore and open our picnic basket, it starts to rain. Apart from the guesthouse of the Artvin Environment Directorate, this nature park offers no other public facilities. There are however camping and picnic areas for nature lovers around the lake.

Borcka Karagol, which was recently declared a nature park, was formed when a hill near the Klaskur Highland collapsed on the Klaskur River in a landslide. This 1430-meter-high lake is almost completely surrounded by mountains. Thanks to high humidity and abundant rainfall year round, Borcka Karagol has an ecosystem similar to that of the tropical rain forests. In autumn especially, the turning leaves make for a spectacular landscape around this lake, where fishing is prohibited.

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