Bolvadin is 34 km (21 mile) far to Afyon. It covers an area of 1,108 km², has an altitude of 1,016 m, :The population of the district center is 31,387 (2010). The mayor is Nazmiye Kılçık (MHP).

Bolvadin is the largest town in the province apart from the city of Afyon itself, built on a large fertile plain between the mountains of Sultandag and Emirdag inland from the Aegean coast.

The city was founded in very early times. In the Roman era it was known as Polybotum and a castle was built here. It then passed into the hands of the Seljuk Turks and then the Ottoman Empire, known as a strategic bridge in the mountains.

Bolvadin was occupied by Greek troops during the Turkish War of Independence, until September 1922.

Bolvadin county for over 13 km from Afyon-Konya highway. 61 km inland from the city center. away, on the ancient King’s Road, Eber was the edge of the lake. Eber Lake; floating islands and the fishing has announced the name of the foreign countries. Heybeli other tourism values ​​of the district health resort, park Horan, Kirkgoz bridge, burned the barracks, Lala Sinan Pasha Mosque, the mosque and the Fountain of Holstein, the Market Mosque, Hacı Ahmet Mosque, the Mosque of the Forty, Black Cesme, Cesme AK, Haci Ahmet Fountain, Kemerkaya’da underground city, Minarelik Creek, fairy chimneys, the center houses the old Opium and Insuyu Cave.

The plain is watered by the river Akarcay and is a rich agricultural land. Opium was grown in the area and is still grown today; there is a factory here producing morphine for the pharmaceutical industry. However today the plain is also used for growing grain and fruit. The higher mountainside is forested. The climate is hot in summer, cold enough to snow in winter. Lake Eber lies at the south-east edge of the plain, 967 m above sea level. Carp fishing and cutting rushes contribute to the economy of this farming district. This is not a rich region, it lacks infrastructure such as public transport and the people of Bolvadin are conservative.

Bolvadin is renowned for its cream made of buffalo milk.

The area is vulnerable to earthquakes.

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