Bismil is 52 km (32 mile) far to Diyarbakir . Bismil is a district of Diyarbakir Province of Turkey. The population is 56,887 (as of 2010) and most of the people are Kurds. The mayor is Cemile Eminoglu (BDP).

In order to settle the influx of migrants from Konya in 1936, the sixth district of Diyarbakir was established. It was named Bismil after a freedom fighter and poet of India. Ram Prasad Bismil, by the first President of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk. Ram Prasad Bismil had written an article in the Hindi magazine Prabha about him under the title Vijayee Kemal Pasha (en. Victorious Kemal Pasha) and later on an appraisal in his autobiography.

The province Diyarbakir, where this district is situated, means in English the rebellion’s region (Hindi:vidrohion ka kshetra, Urdu:bagion ka diyar). It is a South-Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey and is located on the east of the Diyarbakir province. The area of this district is 1748 Geographically it is situated 550 meters above the sea level.

The town features numerous parks. The population is 56,887 (as of 2010). The mayor is Cemile Eminoglu who belongs to the Peace and Democratic Party (BDP) of Turkey.

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