The population is 51,841in Ankara of which 45.000 live in the town of Beypazari.  The area of Beypazari, Ankara has a long history of profession by Hittites, Phrygians, Ancient Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Empire. At first a stop on the trade route connecting Istanbul to Baghdad, Beypazari was known as Lagania meaning rocky peak in the Luwian during the Roman and Byzantine times and the town was a local administrative center.

Beypazari, nowadays is a small town in a rural area and is famous for its carrots, silverwork and a high quality natural mineral water. The crystal mineral trona, a kind of natural soda used in glass making is taken out in Beypazari.

With its rich history, architectural heritage and attractive rocky countryside Beypazari is becoming more and more popular amongst the visitors, especially day trippers from Ankara. The paved streets of white Ottoman era buildings are particularly impressive. Many of the old houses have been renovated as hotels and restaurants and are also popular with Turkish film directors looking for genuine locations. Every June the town holds its popular traditional historical houses, handicrafts, carrot and stew festival. The visitors certainly are bringing precious income to the town, shopping for silverware and providing good tradition for the food markets and restaurants.

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