Bekilli is 85 km (52 mile) far to Denizli . Bekilli is a town and a district of Denizli Province in the inner Aegean region of Turkey. Bekilli district area neighbors the district areas of Cal and Civril, both also depending Denizli to the west, south and east, and those of two districts of Usak Province to the north, namely Ulubey and Karahalli.

The town of Bekilli is located midway between the province seats of Denizli and Usak. The town has 11 villages. They are Bukruce, Camkoy, Cogasli, Desdemir, Gomce, İkizbaba, Koselli, Poyrazli, Sirikli, Uckuyu and Yesiloba (also known as Medele).

The town is renowned for its vineyards and celebrates an annual wine festival. Viticulture is a principal constituent of local culture.

Until the confirmation of its site slightly north of the town and south of the present-day neighboring district center of Karahalli, at a very short distance from Bekilli, the location of Bekilli was one of the leading candidates matched with ancient Pepuza (as well as its neighboring Tymion), associated with Montanism. Nevertheless, there are interesting and yet largely unexplored traces dating from Phrygian, Lydian, Roman and early Christian and Byzantine periods within Bekilli district area itself.

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