Bayramoren is 69 km (42 mile) far to Cankiri.  Bayramoren, within the borders of Kursunlu, Atkaracalar, Ovacik and Arac districts, is located in an area historically called Paphlagonia. There is no written proof of why the city was called Bayramoren. However, the rumors say that when the majority of the villages around this district have had no mosques, no clergymen even though their population was overwhelmingly muslim, villagers would come to the only mosque of this town on fridays for prayer and they would also shop around. This friday mosque had served until it was broken down 35-40 years ago. It was a pleasure for the locals to come together and socialize on Fridays. Several sources called the district different names; “Bayrameren” as locals called it, “Bayramviranı” as it was shown on old maps, but eventually after the foundation of the republic, it was named as Bayramoren.

It is said that of Belenli (Melan), a district that had a Muslim court during the Ottoman Empire period, which Bayramoren was one of the villages connected to this court, is now a village of Bayramoren, It is known that Greeks, who have lived in the north eastern Black Sea region lived in Bayramoren 300-400 years ago. Some of the Bayramoren villages used to be Greek villages as it is known from their names. Some settled down a place 1km away from today’s Bayramören between ‘’Kizlar Tepesi’’ and ‘’Sulukluk Mevkii’’ and called it ‘Yuvan Koyu’’. It is known that these people lived off farming, livestock, copper work, tinker, and pottery. They vanished in time through migration and their settlements are ruined by natural disasters.

There is a bridge on the Melen Stream near Bayramoren district of Cankiri. It is not known when the bridge was built. However, it is said that it was built in the second half of 19th Century. Two main sections of the bridge made of face stone are completed with wooden parts. Here we can see an original form with the wooden beams placed on the face stone abutments with a tile roof on the top.

Paragliding potantial of Bayramoren as a flying side by discovered by Tahsin Tekin who is a mechanical engineer and experienced pilot, paragliding since 1990. He took the mission of promoting the area worldwide to the other pilots and he organized the first competition in the area.

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