Bayramic is 65 km (40 mile) far to Canakkale. Bayramic is a town by Kazdag (Mount Ida) surrounded with one thousand fountains, with green and water. For this reason the history of ruin here goes back many years. Around Bayramic, known to be within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Troy, the boundaries many masterpieces dating back to ancient times.

The Forces Under ahi Hizir Emir Bey first settled around Bayramic as the Ottomans were marching to the Europen side. As a place used for the celebration of Holy Days and Festivals (Bayrams) the town was called ” Bayram ici ” or ” Bayram icin ” later shortened to ” Bayramic”

Bayramic became a headquarters for Turkish Commanders en route to Rumelia.

In 1691, two brothers, Mustafa and Ahmed from Hadim, in Konya province settlas “Hadimogullari Mansion”

Today this building is in the conservation area and is being restored by the Ministry of Culture.

The Thermal Spring Kulculer is about 18 km. to the east of the town centre.

The remains of the Bayramic city of Kebren are located in the village of Akpinar and the ancient Aiol settlement of Skepsis is located near Kursuntepe. When citizens of surrounding cities were forced to migrate to Troy, citizens of Bayramic were also forced to resettled. This city was again evacuated while the residents of surrounding cities were made to move to Alexandreia Troas.

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