Basmakci is 150 km (93 mile) far to Afyon. Located at the southern tip of the province city center district. Mountains and snuggled away from Willow. Isparta, Kula, Ladik, Hereke carpet type, rose-growing, Bird Paradise, Bitter Lake and the famous.

The history of Basmakci goes back to the Hittite era, 1750-1200 BC. It then became a colony of the Phrygians of nearby Dinar. It was subsequently possessed by Lydians, Persians, Ancient Macedonians and Seleucids, the kings of Pergamon, Romans and then Byzantines.

Turkish tribes arrived in Anatolia in 1071, and one of these was the Basmakci, who came through Azerbaijan, settling near Tarsus on the Mediterranean, where there is a village called Basmakci still today, and then sometime between 1100 and 1200 moving west to settle in this district of Afyon that has been called Basmakci ever since.

This part of Anatolia was subsequently controlled by the Germiyan dynasty, who gave the town as dowry when marrying their daughter to the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I. Thus Basmakci, a village of 47 families at the time, became an Ottoman land.

Basmakci was badly damaged in an earthquake in August 1892 when 300 homes were destroyed. However, no one was killed, as it was harvest time and all were in the fields.

Basmakci was not occupied during the Turkish War of Independence but many of its sons died in that war and World War I previous to it.

Basmakci is well-established as the leading egg producing area in Turkey.

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