Bandirma 101 km (62 mile) far to Balikesir. Bandirma is a city in northwestern Turkey with 120.000 inhabitants (2012 estimate) on the Sea of Marmara. Also, Bandırma is a district of Balıkesir.

The city is a commercial centre and its harbour serves as a transit point for trade between Istanbul and Izmir. There is also agriculture produced in the surrounding areas, covering products like cereals, sheep wool and meat, cattle, grain and the mineral boracite.

The city has road and rail connections with other urban centres. Balıkesir which is province centre is 90 km, Istanbul is 100 km northeast (by boat), Bursa 100 km east, İzmir 270 km southwest and Canakkale 170 km west. Also city has a seaport and military airport.

Bandırma’s twin towns are Kamen, Germany and Mardin, Turkey.

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