Vanessa (Avanos), is a town and district of Nevşehir Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, located 18 km (11 mile) north of Nevşehir, the capital city of the province. It is situated within the historic and touristic region of Cappadocia.The district covers an area of 994 km2 (384 sq mile),with the highest point being Mt. İsmail Sivrisi at 1,756 m (5,761 ft).

The old city of Avanos, whose name in ancient times was Venessa overlooks the longest river of Turkey, the Kizilirmak (Red River), which also separates Avanos from the rest of Cappadocia.The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still relevant and very visible today, is its production of earthenware pottery, it is also the most economic activity in the town. The ceramic trade in this district and its countless pottery factories date right back to the Hittites.It is a popular destination because of its attractive old town with cobbled streets, and views over the river.

Avanos is about 8 km from Göreme. The town has a lively shopping center with all the usual amenities including a modern, tourist orientated hamam (Turkish Bath). A travelling market visits Avanos on Fridays.

Starting just outside the shopping center the old village of Avanos winds up the hills leading away from the town and is a beautiful maze of old stone houses, some restored, some converted and some sadly abandoned to their fate. In some of the abandoned houses the features of traditional Ottoman architecture can be seen along with ancient decorations, motifs and murals.
About 14 km from Avanos is the underground city of Özkonak and the 13th century Seljuk caravaserai, Sarihan (which is now a museum), is only about 3 km away.

The Kizilirmak, the Red River, which gets its name from the clay that it deposits, separates Avanos from the rest of Cappadocia, and is the longest river in Turkey. It is by this river that the red pottery clay is found from which Avanos derives it’s main livelihood and it’s foremost claim to fame.
Pottery has been produced in the Avanos area for several centuries and some of the techniques still used date back to Hittite times.

Avanos has several good restaurants. Kavi Restaurant is located in Avanos and offering an authentic selection of delicious Turkish food. A great meal is not about food and wine. A great meal is an emotional experience. They try to make it an extraordinary one by creating a beautiful place, one filled with staff who cares about it as they do about their home, and care for you as the most important guest in it. Bizim Ev restaurant  is located old town of Avanos. This beautifully restored Restaurant has three section which is cave wine cellar, stone arch rooms and cave entrance. Their prices are reasonable and they have delicious meat or vegetable dishes.

Avanos have many cave boutique and 5 star group related hotels.  Good hotels are; Hilton Hotel, Village Cave Hotel, Bir Kedi Villa, Kismet Cave House, Ottoman Cave Suites, Kirkit Pension, Suhan Hotel, Adanos Konuk Evi etc.

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