Ardanuc 60 km (37 mile) far to Artvin. Ardanuc is a town and district of Artvin Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Ardanuc is a mountainous district, rising from 250 m in the Savsat River basin (Savsat district) up to the highest point, 3050 m Mount Cadir. Other high mountains are Kurdevan,Yalnizcam and Mount Horasan.Then in the 7th century BC the Gevhernik Castle was built in this period and was besieged by the Muslim Ummayads in 744 AD.The most famous sight of Ardanuc is the İskender Pasha Mosque and Tombs (Iskender Pasa Camii ve Turbeleri).

Ardanuc is a small town with two castles and a dramatic gorge to its name that was once the capital of the medieval Bagratid Kingdom of Georgia. Unfortunately, building work for the Deriner Dam is still causing regular road closures in this corner of Turkey which means that the town is not as easy to get to as it should be.

Approaching Ardanuc from the Artvin direction you will come first to the Feratli Kalesi, a castle so tighty built into the rock that it’s easy to miss it. The road then follows the Ardanuc (Bulanik) river through the wonderful gorge until it emerges at the far end where the Gevernik Kalesi sit on a plateau up above the modern town. It’s a tough climb to get up to either of them but the walk through the gorge is a doddle unless you want to climb up into the Cehennem Deresi Kanyonu (Valley of Hell Canyon), a cleft in the rock to the right of the road as you return from Ardanuc. Sadly taggers have been at work and it is used as a rubbish dump which greatly detracts from its appeal.

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